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If you're looking to get your NFPA certification on fire safety, contact the professionals at Florida Apparatus Services Inc. Our certified professionals have over 20 years of experience and can help you get the comprehensive training and consultations you need. We offer 8-hour classes that are designed to educate your fire department on how to properly flow test nozzles and hoses, among many other specialties.

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This 8-hour class is designed to educate fire department personnel on how to properly flow test their nozzles and attack hose per the new N.F.P.A. 1962 Standard.


The purpose of the system test is to get accurate pump discharge pressures correlating to the desired flow rate on all interior attack lines used on the fire apparatus for structural firefighting. Friction loss in hose varies with the brand and age of the hose and it is only through a system test that the pump operator will accurately know what pressures are needed at the pump to get a proper flow from the nozzle.


The class consists of a 3 hour classroom session covering all of the parameters of the new standard along with the equipment and forms needed to properly document the testing. The hands on portion will deal with flow testing nozzles and attack lines on a current front line apparatus.


Forms will be completed during the testing process and provided to the fire department at the end of the class so they can begin their formal testing after the class is completed.

A current list of testing equipment that is recommended will also be provided to the fire department.

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